New Dimensions

Weight Loss & Lifestyle Management

The Program

New Dimensions, a healthy weight loss and lifestyle program, began in 1985. Sandy Gould, owner and designer of ths program envisioned that long-term weight loss must incorporate significant lifestlye changes to be successful.

The program today has four primary dimensions:

  1. A healthy nutritional program that utilizes healthy balanced eating, increases metabolism and energy levels and provides a foundation for lifetime weight management.

  2. A personalized walking/fitness program that increases metabolism.

  3. A behavioral modification program that focuses on the skills needed to improve eating and lifestyle habits.

  4. Emotional and stress related issues are explored which lead to the development of more effective attitudes which leads to wiser food choices.


The New Dimensions logo is the rainbow. It symbolizes balance in our lives. The programs concepts call for a colorful, balanced approach in all areas of our lives, including daily nutrition and exercise.


Make It A Rainbow Day!